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How much do you know about the patent application process

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The first is the acceptance of the patent office. The applicant who applies for a patent shall submit the patent application to the State Intellectual Property Office. When submitting the patent application, he shall submit the necessary application documents and pay the relevant fees as required. After the applicant submits the patent application, the Patent Office determines the patent application date, gives the application number, and issues the acceptance notice.
Then preliminary review. After accepting the application, the patent office will conduct a preliminary examination of the patent application. After passing the preliminary examination, it shall be published within 18 months from the date of application.
Secondly, the invention patent application enters the publication stage from the issuance of the notice of preliminary examination qualification. If the applicant does not make a request for early disclosure, it will not enter the public preparation procedure until 18 months from the application date. If the applicant requests to publish in advance, the application will immediately enter the public preparation procedure. After format review, editing and proofreading, computer processing, typesetting and printing.
Then there is the substantive review. If it passes the substantive examination, the patent office will grant a patent right to the applied utility model or design patent; If it is unqualified, the applicant shall modify the application documents accordingly, grant the patent right if it is qualified, and reject the patent application if it is unqualified.
Finally, the patent right is granted. The applicant needs to go through the registration procedures after receiving the notice of granting patent right. The applicant shall pay the patent registration fee, annual fee, announcement and printing fee within the prescribed time limit, and shall also pay the stamp tax on the patent certificate. Only after the applicant has gone through the registration procedures can the patent certificate be issued.

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