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Business area

Trademark agency

>Overall enterprise planning of trademarks (Strategic Design and analysis of trademarks);

>Application for trademark registration;

>Renewal, transfer, change and licensing of trademarks

>Enterprise trademark examination and strategic analysis;

>Legal adviser of enterprise intellectual property;


Litigation agency

>Trademark administrative litigation and trademark infringement civil litigation;

>Civil science source law of patent administrative litigation and patent infringement

>Civil action for copyright infringement; > Civil litigation of computer software;

>Civil proceedings involving the protection of trade secret rights;

>Complaints and civil proceedings involving unfair competition;

patent commissioning

>Design patent strategy;

>Invention, utility model and design patent applications;

>Application for patent reexamination and invalidation;

>Annual patent fee management;

>Retrieval of patent documents and non patent documents and patent monitoring;

High tech enterprise

>Identification and reexamination of high-tech enterprises;

>Issuance of audit report;

>Custody of annual and quarterly reports;

>Guidance on the collection, addition and deduction of R & D expenses;

Copyright Agency

>Copyright registration, computer software copyright registration;

>Copyright customs filing;

>Request for postponement, objection and arbitration;

>Copyright infringement litigation, administrative investigation and related legal affairs;

Certification services

>Handling of enterprise honor and qualification;

>ISO system certification;

>3C certification;

>FDA certification;

>CE EU certification:

>Double soft enterprise certification;

Declaration of science and technology projects

>Science and technology: Science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises; Technological innovation center; Provincial Key Laboratory;

>Gongxinkou: provincial "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises; R & D institutions of provincial industrial enterprises; Provincial technological transformation projects;

>Development and Reform: Enterprise Technology Center;

Intellectual property application promotion project

>Intellectual property norms and implementation standards;

>Intellectual property layout;

>Patent navigation;

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