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How to realize the small stroke in the patent game

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Market competition, patent strength relatively weak Chinese enterprises must learn how to work with their powerful competitors to deal with, to learn how to get the "balance of power" and "Discourse". The art of War: the clouds move slow. Its meaning is to plan the accurate and thoughtful, and then action. In the face of strong competitors Chinese, enterprises must adopt appropriate strategies to guide the overall situation, be big to small, yiruozhiqiang.
Active defense strategy
The face of strong opponents, China enterprises should first learn how to defend, to ensure survival in key markets, and not due to the loss of patent litigation out of the market. "Defense" is embodied Chinese enterprises should be in all aspects of daily business operations from the outset to avoid patent infringement, respect for intellectual property rights, to avoid and reduce the risk of infringement. "Active defense" embodied in the anti attack. For example, in their daily work, China enterprises should actively layout of the future can check the opponent's "strength"; in the patent litigation period, to actively respond, actively seek the challenge opponent patent evidence show that the products are not active or timely to avoid infringement.
Competitive strategy
To implement this strategy, the core tactics should be avoided. China enterprises avoid the solid and strike the weak opponents with positive patents or technology exchange, but to find the opponent's weaknesses, and devoted to the attack. For example, when the opponent has a strong patent portfolio in some technical areas, high patent barriers, China enterprises should not walk into, based on the analysis in itself, take the initiative to avoid the patent area, consider the use of alternative technologies, known technology or avoid patent infringement, or directly from the field of competition, is to "avoid". On the contrary, when the opponent has weak patent protection in some technical areas, low patent barriers, or a core patent can be challenging Chinese vulnerabilities, enterprises should concentrate of this point, to analyze the validity of the patent, or a direct challenge to the patent.
Local leading strategy
The strategy is "local absolute advantage strategy". Its strategic focus is to force the weak side, we must focus on their own strength and resources in the local area, key breakthrough, and seize the commanding heights, to build their own technological advantages, patent barriers and patent advantage. Chinese enterprises limited to patent operation ability, the level of R & D money should be limited, the power and resources to focus on their expertise (rival relative expertise) the patent technology research and development, capacity building, and ahead of the competition in the segments and become a leader as much as possible. For example, enterprises can choose China subdivision technology, one of their own good through focus, focus the advantages and resources, aiming, specializing in research and development and technological innovation in the technology field, while careful layout of patent protection, the final form of technical advantages and potential and the absolute advantage in the field of patent technology, to Hand far behind.
Imitation innovation strategy
Imitation innovation strategy refers to the legal copy, learn from others on the basis of the development of self innovation strategy. The focus of two, the first is the legal copy, intelligent reference; second is based on the innovation, even if it is based on some of the existing products of small improvements (micro innovation).
Chinese enterprises should not despise imitation, but also can not be underestimated imitation is not equal to illegal copying and infringement. In fact, the patent system is to encourage others to learn from, and to promote scientific and technological progress.
The core problem of imitative innovation strategy "to be solved is: imitation which field (local leadership strategy), mimic who, how legitimate and clever imitation, how on the basis of the imitation and innovation. Here, the" legitimate imitation "refers to Chinese enterprises to ensure that no infringement of the patent right in the imitation, this to China enterprises have strong analysis ability to search patents, patent and patent ability, obstacle recognition ability, the ability to break the patent barriers, patent design ability, the existing technology acquisition and recognition ability.
The enterprise shall Chinese wisdom "imitation" and "innovation" and "patent crack and avoid" together, grasp the mystery, you can open the door of success, to deduct Chinese; enterprises should be good at leveraging, standing on the shoulders of giants to develop their own legal, legitimate to open the door from the hand and innovation others. (source: Science and technology daily Author: Jiang Yinxin)

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