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Fill in the application for registration of the specific requirements of the application?

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In accordance with the regulations on the implementation of the trademark law, the application of the registration of the trademark shall be typed or printed, and the Trademark Office shall not be accepted.
The name of the applicant shall be in accordance with the name of the business license. If the address in the business license is not registered in the name of the province where the enterprise is located.
The name of the goods or services should be in accordance with the classification of goods and services > < < or similar goods and services to distinguish table > ninth edition complete specification, name of commodity or service is not included in the classification of the goods or services shall be attached to the project description.
And, if the applicant is a natural person, the name of the applicant in addition to fill in the name, to fill in the ID number after the name or address of the applicant; address the actual communication address can fill out the natural person.
Fifth, such as the application for registration of a trademark is the three-dimensional trademark and color combination trademarks, the applicant should be in the column of "general types of trademarks" before the tick in the box.


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