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New 《 Trademark Law 》 the main content

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The new < Trademark Law > after the implementation will allow voice application for trademark registration, specific provisions are still under development. The general will require the applicant to provide a sound mark or musical notation, text, sound samples.
II: clear the effectiveness of electronic applications, the application for trademark registration and other related documents can be made in writing or in the form of data message.
The application mode of "a subject and multi class" is defined, which provides that the applicant may apply for registration of the same trademark in a number of categories of goods;
The new "trademark law > increased provisions of the trademark review time: a preliminary review of the trademark office time is nine months; the objection to the application investigation and verification time is twelve months. The Trademark Review and Adjudication Board shall not publish the decision to reject the application for review of the time limit of nine months of the Trademark Office, trademark office on that objection without registration decision review time is twelve months. If extension is needed, approved by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce of the State Council, can be extended for three months or six months.


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