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What is the process for an international patent application?

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       International patent application has a certain application process, the following is a small compilation as follows:
        One is the Paris Convention route
       Before applying, it is necessary to prepare a certain data entrustment contract, sign a power of attorney from the applicant country, the original Chinese application documents (including the description, claims, drawings and abstracts), and existing technical data (the applicant knows that it is closely related to the invention. Patent literature, scientific literature, etc.). With these documents ready, the next step is to apply.
         The first is to submit an application to China Intellectual Property for an invention-creation, and the Chinese filing date of the application is the priority date. Then, within 12 months (for inventions, utility models) or 6 months (for designs) from the above priority date, the patent agent shall submit a separate copy of the invention-creation to other countries where the applicant wishes to obtain protection. Patent applications, and then the invention-creation is examined by these countries in accordance with their respective national laws, and the patent rights are granted or the application is rejected. If the 12-month or 6-month period is exceeded, the patent will lose its novelty, and it will no longer be possible to file a patent application abroad.
       One is the PCT route
        The materials that need to be prepared before the application include the power of attorney, the name or address of the patent applicant, the name, address, and zip code of the inventor, the Chinese application acceptance letter, and the application documents (including the description, claims, abstract and drawings)
        The first stage of PCT international patent application is the international stage, which mainly includes the necessary procedures such as acceptance of international applications, formal examination, international search and international publication, as well as optional international preliminary examination procedures.
        For international applications filed by domestic individuals and units to the Chinese Patent Office, in the international stage, in addition to the international publication of the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization, all other procedures are carried out in the Chinese Patent Office.
        The international phase consists of the submission of the international application, the international search, the international publication, the international preliminary examination (according to the applicant's request) and other departments.
        The national phase is through which the decision to grant a patent is made solely by the national Office entering its national phase.
        Submission of International Application Documents - International Search - International Publication - International Preliminary Examination (Optional Procedure) - Initiation of International Preliminary Examination - Time Limit of International Preliminary Examination Report - Amendment in International Phase - Entry into National Phase.

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