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Do you know the benefits of the PCT application route?

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1) Simplify the application process
Applicants can write application documents in a language they are familiar with (Chinese or English) and submit them directly to the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office of China.
2) Delay decision-making time and invest money accurately
During the international phase, the applicant receives an international search report and a preliminary report on patentability. Based on these reports, applicants can preliminarily determine whether their inventions are patentable, and then, if necessary, go through the formalities for entering multiple countries within 30 months from the priority date, that is, submit the translation of the international application and pay the corresponding fees.
3) Complete the application documents
The applicant may revise the application documents according to the international search report and the preliminary patentability report.
4) Relief of the burden on the national offices of member states.

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