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Please customers under the guise of the Trademark Office to prevent fraud in the name of

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Original title: the Trademark Office under the guise of the name of fraud prevention
In October 29th, a reporter from the Gansu red shield Trademark Agency Co. Ltd. was informed that on the same day, the State Trademark Bureau issued a notice to the business sector and Trademark Office, around the business requirements of the trademark applicant, to prevent some people under the guise of the Trademark Office on behalf of the fraud.
The notice said, recently the State Trademark Bureau found that criminals under the State Trademark Bureau in China's northwest management center, the trademark office office name for a copyright registration, trademark trademark, electronic, or pay all of trademark fees, filing fees, examination fees in the name, the various fees charged to the trademark applicant. It is understood, my province registered trademark office frequently received trademark applicants to reflect, some from Beijing area code phone, not to pay the announcement fee, copyright registration fees shall be issued under the guise of a trademark registration certificate to the trademark, the applicant for expenses. And be rather baffling the State Trademark Bureau in addition to offices in Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, not set up other branches; in addition to open in the China online trademark fees, do not charge any other fee. Please note the trademark applicant enterprise and prevent, avoid Suffer from damage (reporter Zhang Jipei)


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