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Intellectual property rights: to provide a broad space for small and micro enterprises to start a business innovation

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In January 28th, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" once again become the key words of the State Council executive meeting. The meeting clearly support the development of public record space "policy measures to build a new platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. In perfect venture investment and financing mechanism, the meeting proposed to encourage financial institutions to develop science and technology financing guarantee, intellectual property pledge etc. the products and services. Industry experts said that with the China economic development has entered a new norm, entrepreneurial innovation is expected to become the new" engine "of intellectual property rights. A head of innovation, one attached to the market, is a bridge to link between business innovation and market. To boost public entrepreneurship, innovation leap from quantitative change to the qualitative change, indispensable role of intellectual property rights.
At present, public entrepreneurship, innovation has become the key factor affecting the economic growth China height. In fact, as a branch of entrepreneurship and innovation force, China's tens of millions of homes Small and micro businesses has become the main channel to provide new jobs, an important force in the main platform and the innovation of Science and Technology entrepreneurial growth. The investigation showed that Small and micro businesses, agglomeration areas of patent applications amounted to an average annual growth rate of 53.8%, the average annual growth rate of more than 30% patents, Small and micro businesses to participate in the formulation of industry standards, national standards, international standards for the number of the average annual growth rate of more than 30%.2014 in October, the State Intellectual Property Bureau issued "on intellectual property Small and micro businesses support the development of a number of opinions. From the policy level," refueling charge ", the full support of Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation development.
"Small and micro businesses in the economic restructuring, expanding employment and people's livelihood, plays an irreplaceable role in stabilizing society. Therefore, the innovation and development of widespread concern of the whole society." Chinese Academy of science and technology policy and Management Science Research Institute researcher Liu Haibo said that Small and micro businesses as an important force in the real economy. Domestic and international economic situation is complex and changeful situation, facing many difficulties, the urgent need to take effective measures to help promote the healthy and sustainable development of Small and micro businesses. Do Small and micro businesses of intellectual property rights, encourage the public to create a favorable policy environment for entrepreneurship, innovation, not only is a concrete manifestation of intellectual property to support the development of the real economy it is the further implementation of intellectual property strategy, major initiatives to the construction of intellectual power.
In recent years, the Small and micro businesses financing difficulties, financing expensive and other outstanding issues, China vigorously promote intellectual property and financial services, leading many "unsecured unsecured, non pledge," "no" Small and micro businesses rely on innovation and development of intellectual property rights on financial services. Statistics show that in 2014 the annual patent the right of pledge payment amounted to 48 billion 900 million yuan, representing an increase of 92.5%; a total of 1850 small and micro enterprises, representing a growth of 31.3%. at the same time, patent insurance has made new breakthroughs, the full realization of the patent enforcement insurance, patent infringement liability insurance, liability insurance of intellectual property rights, intellectual property pledge financing insurance business, there are 798 innovative small and medium micro enterprises for patent insurance, guarantee the amount of 134 million yuan, of which the number of insured patent enforcement insurance companies representing a growth of 45.7%.
"The next stage, we will work with relevant departments to improve relevant policies, optimize the market environment, and constantly improve the financial service system of intellectual property rights, for the effective implementation of national policies to support small and micro enterprises, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation has become a new engine of economic development China." the State Intellectual Property Office patent management department official said. (source: Intellectual Property News reporter: Wang Yu)

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