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China Copyright Protection Center Launch works custody business

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May 13th, China Copyright Protection Center announced the official launch of the work of copyright services business, will be in the shortest period of time to provide the copyright owner to complete the work. When the copyright dispute, the custody of the work will become an important information.
According to the work of the practice, the practice of creative work, and the dissemination of the work is to support the copyright of the work, the work of art, creative, creative, creative, creative, creative, creative, creative, creative artists: the creative works of these works, such as: "works of art, in the fields of creative work. As a result of this work. In advocating the legitimate rights and interests are often difficult to prove, not Can provide effective work to complete the creation of proof, the creative design can not be effectively protected. It is learned that the work of the copyright registration is different, the work of the business can be shorter, two working days to start the protection of the work. (intellectual property news reporter Jiang Xu)


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