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What conditions must be met before applying for an invention patent?

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       Invention patent is a kind of intellectual property, and naturally it also has the general characteristics of intellectual property, that is, temporal, regional, intangible, and exclusive. But compared with other types of patents, invention patents have their own characteristics.
      When applying for a patent for invention, it should meet certain conditions before it can be applied for. First of all, it must satisfy novelty, that is to say, no same invention has been published at home and abroad. (Note: Publishing refers to various channels.) Then there is no public use in China. (Note: Public use refers to the sale of commodities in the form of commodities, or the dissemination of technical exchanges, etc.) If the applicant is investigating the novelty of the invention-creation and it is obvious that there is no novelty, it is not necessary to apply for a patent.
       At the same time, invention patents should also have a certain degree of creativity, and inventions should have prominent substantive features and significant progress. And invention patents must also have a certain degree of practicality. Practicality means that the invention-creation can be mass-produced in the production of industry, agriculture and other industries, or can be applied in industry or life, and can produce positive effects and increase the economy. benefit.
      The above is the summary of the requirements for invention patent application. Do you understand it?

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