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Jixin Fangda, a subsidiary of Shengzhou International, cooperates with Lianchi District to jointly carry out the

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        Since the start of R&D statistics work in 2021, Lianchi District Science and Technology Bureau and Jixin Fangda Service Agency have actively conducted R&D policy presentations and R&D expense collection training for enterprises, and successfully completed the 2021 annual R&D statistics work. After receiving the "Notice of Baoding Municipal Science and Technology Bureau on Carrying out "Look Back" Self-inspection of R&D Statistical Work in 2021" on June 30, 2022, we will focus on a week to carefully follow the requirements of the notice for the 43 enterprises involved in the jurisdiction. The research and development expenses were visited and verified.


        The enterprises in the jurisdiction expressed their welcome and gratitude to the Lianchi District Science and Technology Bureau and service agencies for their visit, and actively cooperated with the verification of the relevant research and development accounting items or the "R&D expenditure" auxiliary account in the enterprise's accounting account to determine the amount of enterprise R&D expenditure; Research and development project plan, project initiation report, final account report and other materials, determine the enterprise's research and development project activities. The project information of the verified enterprise is complete, the amount of R&D expenses is accurate, and the statistical data of R&D R&D expenses are truthful and credible.

In the process of communicating with enterprises, the latest R&D expense deduction policies issued by the state will be delivered to the enterprise, and the latest R&D expense plus deduction will be interpreted through face-to-face communication with the financial person in charge of the enterprise and the person in charge of the science and technology department, and the establishment of WeChat groups. Deduction policy, communicated and exchanged the problems and solutions encountered by enterprises in the process of accounting for R&D expenses, answered questions and solved problems encountered by enterprises in the process of additional deduction of R&D expenses, and helped enterprises increase investment in R&D.

        Enterprises have expressed that they should attach great importance to the statistical work of R&D expenses, take the statistical work of R&D expenses as the starting point, standardize the statistical data as required, do a good job of statistical work according to laws and regulations, increase investment in R&D around research and development equipment, technological innovation platforms, etc., and improve the technology of enterprises. Creativity.

        Note: Jixin Fangda is a subsidiary of Beijing Shengzhou International Intellectual Property


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